Non-precious jewels

In yoga we talk about how to not let your “precious jewels” get you stuck. Precious jewels are these people who nip at your side. They’re persistent, they get under your skin and gnaw. Everyone has one or two or ten and they can be enormously challenging. They suck energy and brain power and the whole point of talking about them during a yoga class is to try to let go of them somehow. I can usually get my PJs to roll off my back during class, they don’t go away, but they become less irritating.  You never get totally rid of them and that is probably a good thing, but in class we practice strategies to make them less biting.  Yoga can be therapeutic like that.

So what about the people who aren’t precious jewels? Maybe we need a strategy for them too.  These are the people we pass by or stop or lightly bump into and then move off again but who in that moment share some of their lightness with us. They do or say tiny things that make us brighter, laugh a little or yank us up. The funny thing is I am pretty sure they are oblivious-they aren’t purposefully doing anything!  The big problem with these people is they demand less than the PJs, they aren’t gaudy or obvious, and it is easy to miss them if we aren’t paying attention. But when we do pay attention, the reward is pretty great.

I am practicing noticing and I noticed three non-PJs this week. A re-inspired book giver, one who pointed out how much more fun it is to ski on top of a mountain rather than on flat ground and one who talked about moving in different ways than the prescribed ones. My rewards for noticing were a good nudge, a shiny smile and a little inspiration, rewards that motivate me to keep paying attention because I am sure there were more than just these three.  I have a feeling there are lots of non-PJs near me.


Author: Eileen O'Toole

A quick service restaurant vet who loves food, teaching, learning and being a single Mom. Believes that waking up each day with a positive attitude and a smile on your face can change the world.

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