A Universal Inside Joke

Yes, I too succumb to the desire for my own “year in review”. It seems like twelve months shouldn’t just pass by without committing the biggies to a dedicated space. This will seem kind of like an inside joke, but with thoughts that might feel universal.

The absolute best things can happen without extra thought. Sometimes all you need is a burger, a beer and and a few sub ten joyful hearts to get things started and to show you all the possibilities.

Kicking the crap out of a soccer ball is enormously restorative. Having the soccer ball kicked at you is too.

This thing on my chest is mine now. My own skin wraps tightly around the replacement but I still can’t feel it and it still looks funny and I will feel forever the heavy gravity of knowing a bullet was dodged.

Two skyscrapers rolled me out of bed, from under a heavy kid’s arm to remind me that the little ones would never know I was gone and that the cousin party down stairs wasn’t quite over.

Traveling the world in my kitchen on Sunday nights feels close enough to actually leaving. Close enough to make the demanding travel yank understand that its patience will pay off.

Big talks are easier. Something to do with conviction, though conviction doesn’t lessen the risk or the feeling that the talk could potentially go all wrong. Though conviction does take away any question that the talk must happen.

The gift is the heart hurt. Sometimes it pushes you out the door, to a path, many miles long that is the only thing that helps clear the way for it and everything else.

Technically we are working but man those monuments call my name. We listen.

What makes the pizza and movie night perfect is not the pizza or the movie. Perfect is Friday itself, two boys who would not chose any other way, and Grandma sharing the couch.

Saying goodnight with three deep breaths, two back rubs, two sweet dreams and two kisses and then still another couple of unnoticed kisses before my own bedtime.

Growing boy brains. One logical, one circular, both curious and game, in completely different and spectacular ways.

No words are needed. You know it in your gut and in the electrical current that shocks you. You trust it and believe that it is true and that truth trumps everything.

Breathe! Rib and belly expanding breaths, the kind that remind you that they are quick and cheap with benefits beyond just air in and out.

Remember the “being old” rules actually make you old faster. Stay up too late! Drink beer! Explore things not always found in the daylight.

A vast learning leap showing the way to be the best possible landing pad.

Auntie gets you the cleanest and makes you proud of your hairdo. So proud that you don’t want to mess it up by going to bed. Ever.

Sky gazing suggests infinite possibilities. Pink clouds, moon phases, and that big, winter morning planet provide many reasons to wander those infinites, often.

Peace, hope and happy New Year.
Thanks always for reading Sunny Side.



Author: Eileen O'Toole

A quick service restaurant vet who loves food, teaching, learning and being a single Mom. Believes that waking up each day with a positive attitude and a smile on your face can change the world.

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